Become a Volunteer!

Last Updated: 20 June 2016

We’re looking for dynamic people that are eager for action and have helping others in their blood. Volunteer service in the foundation is more than just a way of spending Your free time, it’s also a way to lead an original and valuable life. As a volunteer we give a lot from ourselves, but we also gain just as much. If You have the will, ideas and a little free time — join our team. 

Contact person: Katarzyna Grewińska This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: 509 240 996 

Volunteer: every natural person that willingly, voluntarily and without any remuneration provides services for organizations, institutions and natural persons going beyond their familial and friendly bonds. 

Volunteer service – non-paid, willing and conscious work for the good of others, extending beyond the bonds of family and friendship. Types of volunteer service: indefinite, short-term, single-time, periodical, individual, group etc.