Theater workshops for disabled persons sign up!

Last Updated: 20 June 2016


Starting from April we are planning to start providing theatrical workshops for disabled persons.

The thematic scope of the workshops was consulted with a vast group of disabled youth, who previously believed such workshops to be beyond their financial or physical reach. Theatrical workshops have a therapeutic function — they propagate teamwork principles, help build relationships in a team, help pursue together important topics and aesthetic and emotional values.. Work on staging plays gives disabled and chronically ill participants the will to act in everyday life, boosts their self-esteem and confidence. Theater has also another social function, that is introducing participants to the idea of taking up different roles. By taking up the roles of certain characters, they have to become that character. This may improve their ability to cope with our so-called normal reality. 

Joint work on the play will be an opportunity for learning to know each other, better understanding of mutual needs, and give disabled persons a chance to participate in the cultural life of the city and present their talents. We hope that this will result in the creation of a permanent integrative theatrical croup. Through the workshops disabled persons will acquire the tools that will help them to better cope with their daily lives. They will gain courage and it will become easier for them to find their place in the group, they will acquire better skills of presenting their person to the group. 

As a part of the project we’re also planning on conducting workshops about team-building, strengthening the bonds between its members, complete with elements of self-presentation, assertiveness and better handling of stressful and crisis situations. 

If You are a disabled and/or chronically ill person, and You feel that this endeavor is meant for You — sign up! 

Our workshops will be conducted from April on the territory of municipality Konstancin Jeziorna (we’re still looking for a room), participation is completely free of charge. We receive applications under the address: fundacja@strefadział or at the phone number 509 240 996 

Don’t wait! Number of places is limited!