Supporting youth in Konstancin

Last Updated: 20 June 2016



We’re happy to inform You that the “Strefa Działania” Foundation became the official patron of the project “Meet My Teacher”, realized as a part of the competition “Zwolnieni z Teorii” (exempted from theory) by young, active citizens of municipality of Konstancin Jeziorna. 

Let’s give the voice to the youths themselves: 

"Our goal is to create 3 large promotional spots, presenting previously selected exceptional teachers and qualities which make them stand out. Open-mindedness, honesty, innovation, ambition, positive attitude, these are the keywords that we would like to focus on. We are looking for teachers with a smile on their face or those who can bring it on the faces of others! Before recording the spots we will conduct a street poll about teachers’ attitude to their work. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions which the teachers will answer in the movie or in other, shorter materials, which we’ll be publishing on our website and on the fan page. Additionally, we’ll create a ranking in which we’ll put down all the characteristics of a perfect teacher. We will also reward all teachers that are submitted, and selected by us to be the best. We hope that all these actions will help improve relations between teachers and students by making the students learn to know their teachers better.